Honorary Doctorates FAQ’s

An honorary doctorate is a high level academic recognition granted by a university to a recipient without completion of the normal requirements for that degree. Universities grant them to honor the recipient, while also benefiting the university by association. Recipients sometimes have no relationship with the universities, no prior degrees, and no formal higher education; though on occasion they might already have substantial education and other doctorates.

A regular degree, you can use for academic improvement like joining a higher course Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) / Doctor of Science (D.Sc) An Honorary Doctor is a status symbol it cannot be used for promotion, increment etc.

Yes, it is fully legal throughout the world, it can be even apostilled as any regular degree. You have to use the title as follows for example Dr. Kumar, Ph.D (hc) / Dr (hc). Kumar. “hc” stands for Honoris Causa means for the sake of honor.

Mostly the answer is “No”, although there are some restrictions by government regarding this, some universities may ask for a refundable deposit for this verification as the information can be misused.

If it is real, it should not only grant Honorary Doctorate but also regular degrees with a standard international course curriculum. It should have an examination system and library of international standards.

To raise funds for charity and to cover research development expenses the details of which may be given in the university website.

Yes, this the university collects to cover the expenses of a public function and a wide press coverage for the awardees if it is conducted.

You know well many awardees do not prefer self publicity and prefer to keep this confidential and personal. However you can visit the university website for information on awardees / you tube for award function video. Most of the awardees of these universities has received their awards from the hands of Chief Guest.

As a matter of fact the government of your country of origin has nothing to do with the rights of an international university which is a legal entity in the country in which it is chartered. However once your degree is legalized (Apostilled) automatically your degree will become valid and legal in all countries.

The Board of the Academic Area appoints honorary doctorates for the academic area. The right to appoint honorary doctors can be delegated to the Vice Chancellor.

The Nomination/Processing fee is to be paid to the coordinators to cover the administration cost, the celebration cost and also to fund the research department of the University.

There are many degree mills and fake universities in the world which issue honorary doctorates. You have to also understand that all legal universities need not be accredited as in many countries accreditation is a voluntary process.

It is not mandatory for all universities to have a physical campus especially for online universities. You have to check which other accredited universities accept the credit transfers of the university in which you are going to apply.

University Honorary Degrees Committee reviews all nominations and recommends a slate of distinguished individuals to the Vice Chancellor of the University and the Board of Trustees. Honorary degrees are awarded by the Board of Trustees.

No. It is a physical certificate mailed to you in a cushioned or cardboard envelope.

Yes, our honorary degrees bear the date of award (the date on which you requested your honorary degree). If you prefer that your degree is not dated, please mention this in the “Notes” section of the order process. Please note that whether or not the certificate is dated has no bearing on its validity.

Yes. Universities happy to provide verification when they receive inquiries

No. Because our degrees are not academic and do not require any coursework, they are not accompanied by any type of transcripts. We take pride in the fact that our honorary degrees are legitimately bestowed, and unlike other websites that “sell” degrees, we do not offer any counterfeit documents.

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