HEA - 1208Certificate in General Duty Assistant6 Months
HEA - 778Certificate in Dental Mechanic6 Months
HEA - 779Certificate in Dental Hygiene Assistant6 Months
HEA - 780Certificate in Dialysis Assistant6 Months
HEA - 781Certificate in Laboratory Assistant6 Months
HEA - 782Certificate in Assistant Diet Counsellor6 Months
HEA - 783Certificate in Bio mobility Technician6 Months
HEA - 784Certificate in Physical Modality Operator6 Months
HEA - 785Certificate in Dresser6 Months
HEA - 786Certificate in Vaccination Technician6 Months
HEA - 787Certificate in Dietician Assistant6 Months
HEA - 788Certificate in Home Nursing6 Months
HEA - 789Certificate in Optician6 Months
HEA - 790Certificate in Clinical Research6 Months
HEA - 791Certificate in Operation Theatre (OT) Technician6 Months


HEA - 792Certificate in Ophthalmic AssistantOne Year
HEA - 793Certificate in Anesthesia TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 794Certificate in OptometryOne Year
HEA - 795Certificate in Medical Radiography TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 796Certificate in Health & Sanitary InspectorOne Year
HEA - 797Certificate in Cardio Vascular & Thoracic TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 798Certificate in Urology TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 799Certificate in Ambulance TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 800Certificate in Hospital AdministrationOne Year
HEA - 801Certificate in Physiotherapy TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 802Certificate in Nutrition & Health EducationOne Year
HEA - 803Certificate in Health Information ManagementOne Year
HEA - 804Certificate in Speech & Hearing SciencesOne Year
HEA - 805Certificate in Pharmacy AssistantOne Year
HEA - 806Certificate in Operation Theatre TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 807Certificate in Cardiac Anesthesia TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 808Certificate in Early Childhood Care and EducationOne Year
HEA - 809Certificate in Nursing AdministrationOne Year
HEA - 810Certificate in Electro Cardiogram Technology (ECG)One Year
HEA - 811Certificate in Blood Bank TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 812Certificate in Dialysis TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 813Certificate in Nursing AssistantOne Year
HEA - 814Certificate in Hospital Nursing and MidwiferyOne Year
HEA - 815Certificate in Homecare NursingOne Year
HEA - 816Certificate in Health AssistantOne Year
HEA - 817Certificate in Multi Purpose Health WorkerOne Year
HEA - 818Certificate in Blood Bank NursingOne Year
HEA - 819Certificate in Hospital ManagementOne Year
HEA - 820Certificate in Dental TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 821Certificate in Neuro Surgery TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 822Certificate in Medical Laboratory TechnologyOne Year
HEA - 823Certificate in Hospital Equipment ManagementOne Year
HEA - 824Certificate in Hospital AssistanceOne Year
HEA - 1210Certificate in Emergency Medical TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 1219Diploma in Ophthalmic AssistantOne Year
HEA - 1222Certificate in CT ScanOne Year
HEA - 1224Certificate in MRI ScanOne Year
HEA - 1227Certificate in CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department)
One Year
HEA - 1232Certificate in ICU TechnicianOne Year
HEA - 1278Certificate in Old Age CareOne Year
Global Human Peace University