HEA - 825Diploma in Ophthalmic AssistantTwo Years
HEA - 826Diploma in Anesthesia TechnicianTwo Years
HEA - 827Diploma in OptometryTwo Years
HEA - 828Diploma in Medical Radiography TechnicianTwo Years
HEA - 829Diploma in Health & Sanitary InspectorTwo Years
HEA - 830Diploma in Cardio Vascular & Thoracic TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 831Diploma in Urology TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 832Diploma in Ambulance TechnicianTwo Years
HEA - 833Diploma in Hospital AdministrationTwo Years
HEA - 834Diploma in Physiotherapy TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 835Diploma in Nutrition & Health EducationTwo Years
HEA - 836Diploma in Health Information ManagementTwo Years
HEA - 837Diploma in Speech & Hearing SciencesTwo Years
HEA - 838Diploma in Pharmacy AssistantTwo Years
HEA - 839Diploma in Operation Theatre TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 840Diploma in Cardiac Anesthesia TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 841Diploma in Early Childhood Care and EducationTwo Years
HEA - 842Diploma in Nursing AdministrationTwo Years
HEA - 843Diploma in Electro Cardiogram Technology (ECG)Two Years
HEA - 844Diploma in Blood Bank TechnicianTwo Years
HEA - 845Diploma in Dialysis TechnicianTwo Years
HEA - 846Diploma in Nursing AssistantTwo Years
HEA - 847Diploma in Hospital Nursing and MidwiferyTwo Years
HEA - 848Diploma in Homecare NursingTwo Years
HEA - 849Diploma in Health AssistantTwo Years
HEA - 850Diploma in Multi Purpose Health WorkerTwo Years
HEA - 851Diploma in Blood Bank NursingTwo Years
HEA - 852Diploma in Old Age CareTwo Years
HEA - 853Diploma in Dental TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 854Diploma in Neuro Surgery TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 855Diploma in Medical Laboratory TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 856Diploma in Hospital Equipment ManagementTwo Years
HEA - 857Diploma in Hospital AssistanceTwo Years
HEA - 858Diploma in Hospital ManagementTwo Years
HEA - 1207Diploma in Patient Care & First AidTwo Years
HEA - 1211Diploma in Emergency Medical TechnicianTwo Years
HEA - 1223Diploma in CT ScanTwo Years
HEA - 1225Diploma in MRI ScanTwo Years
HEA - 1228Diploma in CSSD (Central Sterile Supply
Department ) Technician
Two Years
HEA - 1230Diploma in Hospital General Duty AssistantTwo Years
HEA - 1288Diploma in Radiology & Imaging TechnologyTwo Years
HEA - 1294Diploma in Neuro TechnologyTwo Years
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