Sector CodeCourseDuration
AGR - 101Certificate in Seed Production Technician3 Months
AGR - 102Certificate in Agriculture Crop Production3 Months
AGR - 103Certificate in Apiary Technician 3 Months
AGR - 104Certificate in Soil Conservation Technician3 Months
AGR - 105Certificate in Rain Water Harvesting Technician3 Months
AGR - 106Certificate in Mushroom Cultivation and Protection3 Months
AGR - 107Certificate in Leaf Plates Making3 Months
AGR - 108Certificate in Kitchen Gardening3 Months
AGR - 109Certificate in Value Added Processing3 Months
AGR - 110Certificate in Dhal Processing3 Months
AGR - 111Certificate in Fruits and vegetable processing3 Months
AGR - 112Certificate in Training programme on Betel Vine for Farmers (CTPBV)3 Months
AGR - 113Certificate in Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation (CIPMT)3 Months
AGR - 114Certificate in Dairy Farming For Rural Farmers (CAPDF)3 Months
AGR - 115Certificate in Sericulture 3 Months
AGR - 116Certificate in Tea Tasting And Marketing (CPCP-TTM)3 Months
AGR - 117Certificate in Aquaculture3 Months
AGR - 118Certificate in Raising Of House Plant 3 Months
AGR - 119Certificate in Poultry Management3 Months


Sector CodeCourseDuration
AGR - 120Certificate in Maintenance & Field Operation Of Seed Drill6 Months
AGR - 121Certificate in Leaf Plates Making6 Months
AGR - 122Certificate in Bio Gas Production6 Months
AGR - 123Certificate in Horticulture6 Months
AGR - 124Certificate in Honey Bee Keeping6 Months
AGR - 125Certificate in Biofertilizer Production 6 Months
AGR - 126Certificate in Medicinal Plant and Aromatic Plants (CMAP)6 Months
AGR - 127Certificate in Agro forestry6 Months
AGR - 128Certificate in Vermiculture6 Months
AGR - 129Certificate in Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables 6 Months
AGR - 130Certificate in Home Gardening6 Months
AGR - 131Certificate in Dairy Products Making 6 Months
AGR - 132Certificate in Basic Cultivation of Cereal Crops 6 Months
AGR - 133Certificate in Organic Farming (COF) 6 Months
AGR - 134Certificate in Sericulture (CIS)6 Months
AGR - 135Certificate in Water Harvesting and Management
6 Months
AGR - 136Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF) 6 Months
AGR - 137Certificate in Organic Agriculture (CCOA)6 Months
AGR - 138Certificate in Vermicomposting6 Months
AGR - 139Certificate in Commercial Flower Production6 Months
AGR - 140Certificate in Fruit production6 Months
AGR - 141Certificate in Mushroom Production 6 Months
AGR - 142Certificate in Protected Cultivation (CCPC)6 Months
AGR - 143Certificate in Vegetable Production6 Months
AGR - 144Certificate in Agricultural Insurance6 Months
AGR - 145Certificate in Farm Management 6 Months
AGR - 146Certificate in Agriculture Policy6 Months


Sector CodeCourseDuration
AGR - 147Certificate in Agri-Business ManagementOne Year
AGR - 148Certificate in Agriculture ScienceOne Year
AGR - 149Certificate in Agro-Based Industrial ManagementOne Year
AGR - 150Certificate in Dairy Science and Technology One Year
AGR - 151Certificate in FloricultureOne Year
AGR - 152Certificate in Fruit ProductionOne Year
AGR - 153Certificate in Poultry HusbandryOne Year
AGR - 154Certificate in Wood Forest ProductsOne Year
AGR - 155Certificate in Equine Husbandry, Medicine and SurgeryOne Year
AGR - 156Certificate in Mushroom Spawn Production and CultivationOne Year
AGR - 157Certificate in Seed TechnologyOne Year
AGR - 158Certificate in Soil and Fertilizer Management One Year
AGR - 159Certificate in Jute Production One Year
AGR - 160Certificate in Plant ProductionOne Year
AGR - 161Certificate in Water Management For Crop ProductionOne Year
AGR - 162Certificate in Oyster Mushroom Production One Year
AGR - 163Certificate in Poultry FarmingOne Year
AGR - 12266 Certificate in HorticultureOne Year
AGR - 164Certificate in Value –Added Products From Cereals,
Pulses And Oilseeds (DPVCPO)
One Year
AGR - 165Certificate in Value Added Products From Fruits And VegetablesOne Year
AGR - 166Certificate in Watershed Management (DWM)One Year
AGR - 167Certificate in Meat Technology (DMT)One Year
AGR - 168Certificate in GardeningOne Year
AGR - 169Certificate in Foundation in Agricultural Science One Year
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